My name is Joel and I’m coming close to 30. I was born in Switzerland but my first language that I spoke was Portuguese. The reason for that is, that I grew up in Brazil. I spent so far most of my life in Brazil. At the age of 17 I returned to Switzerland to study and graduated in 2010 as car mechanic. Right after that I moved to Canada to attend a Bible School in the lovely city of Camrose, AB. End of 2014 I graduated with a Bachelor in Applied Christian Studies and I moved back to Switzerland for an other year. February of 2016 I moved to Costa Rica for a year, this for two reasons. One, to get to know MOVIDA and help them to organize the international CIMA of 2017 and secondly to learn Spanish. Since October 2017 I’m back in Brazil working for PróSERTÃO and MOVIDA. I coordinate here the CIMA’s and the internship / short missions trip program as well as I give technical support for the websites.


Well enough from me. I asked a few friends and family members to share a bit how they experience me. So here are a few impressions from other people.

I really admire Joel! Having been part of his journey through life is an absolute privilege! I am amazed by his openness, curiosity, persistence and his down-to-earth mentality!

Raphael Stutz (second cousin)

Joel is a versatile interessted and talented dynemic young man. Due to his interess in basicaly everything he turns to be a very good partner for conversations. You’ll find him many times searching for his next trip destination and he knows how he can get it for the best price. Any travel agancy could learn from him.

Patrik Mahler (cousin)